‘Tis The Season: Put A RING On It!!!

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  1. Mary says:

    This was perfect. I’ve been thinking about engaging the last couple months but have found it hard to commit. For me a lot of it is about the food. Changing what I eat gives me more rapid results in how I look and feel. My body is super sensitive to thinks like sugar and yeast in breads and beer and turns me into a zombie when I have too much. I need to look up what you said about “how different macronutrient ratios impact your energy levels, performance in the gym and body weight.” Any advice on where start?

    • Megan says:

      Mary! I’m SO glad you asked 🙂 You are already ahead of the game on determining what macronutrient ratios will work best for your body, by identifying how different foods make you feel. There are a lot of great fitness calculators on bodybuilding.com that will tell you how many calories you should consume (based on the information you provide) depending on if your goal is to lose fat, maintain your weight, or bulk up. Check this link out:


      A common macronutrient split that works for most people is 40% of your calories coming from protein, 40% from carbs and 20% from fats. It sounds like some of those carb sources might actually translate to less energy for you, so you may want to play with increasing fats/decreasing carbs. Finding out exactly what works best for you will be an ongoing experiment, but since you’re so ENGAGED – you’ll probably arrive at the right formula for you before you know it 🙂

      Another great source of information about nutrition and how the different macros impact your body, is YouTube. There are a ton of big names in the fitness industry who post videos frequently with all kind of info. Michael Morelli is a source that I really trust – give his channel a look!

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