Celebrating Freedom: A Free HIIT Workout Routine!

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8 Responses

  1. SC says:

    Great article! The workout info is fantastic – makes readers feel like they’re getting something very useful from you. I can’t say I’m that motivated to work out outside though, because it’s the dead of winter here lol.

    • Megan Pulvermacher says:

      Haha! I totally get the winter thing — running around in snow and ice isn’t overly appealing 🙂 The flexibility is probably the best part about doing HIIT, for that very reason, haha. Thanks for stopping by SC!

  2. samab says:

    This looks like a great workout! I’m going to try it out tomorrow…I’ll start with beginner!

  3. Lin says:

    I love doing HITT. It really is effective when you are busy and just don’t have much time to spend exercising. How many days a week should one work this into their program?

    • Megan says:

      Great question Lin! The amount of HIIT that is included in a weekly routine really varies person by person. I love doing a brief (only takes 5-10 minutes total) HIIT workout right when I wake up in the morning just to kick-start my metabolism. I also end my strength workouts this way to burn out any energy I have left and throw out another 100 calories or so before I leave the gym.

      I typically use HIIT as my primary workout 1-2 times/week, and really love the results I get from it. It’s done quickly, and you can put in so much variety (running stairs, body weight exercises, sport drills, etc.) — the options are really endless, and cater to any fitness level. It’s also a great method if your primary goal is fat loss and you’re a little leery about going to the gym.

      Some more ideas for this type of workout coming soon!

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