Workout Equipment/Accessories

Gymboss Interval Timer

This little guy is a workout must-have for me. It keeps me moving by timing my rest periods, and tracking rest and work periods during HIIT workouts. One of the most reasonably priced game-changers out there 😉



Trademark 12-rung Agility Ladder

A great addition to any HIIT workout. This helps target quickness and agility, while giving you a great cardio burst. Throw this in for some variety in your workouts, and bring out your inner athlete!



Disc Cone Set

Another great tool to make your workouts more athletic. You can use these to set up any number of different drills to improve your speed, agility and overall cardiovascular health. These are a great tool to set up game with kids, too!



Adjustable Speed Jump Rope

An easy, portable piece of cardio equipment you can ANYWHERE. Get a couple, and keep one at home and one in your car – you won’t regret it!




ProSource Easy Gym Doorway Pull-up Bar

I use this bad boy just about ever day, especially recently since I’m working to improve my upper body strength and ability to do pull-ups. As long as you have a doorway, you can use this. You can also use it for tricep dips, plank variations and pushups!




Serious Steel Pull-up Assist Bands

These are a great option if you want to work toward your first pull-up, or improve the number of reps you can complete. I’m loving my new Serious Steel band, and am excited to go to the next level with it! Highly recommended!




Seda Bluetooth Headphones

Seda Bluetooth Headphones

These are arguably one of the best workout investments I’ve made. Wires are SO irritating when you’re moving around a lot, and I just didn’t have time for it anymore. These allow me freedom of movement, with good sound and carry me through 10-12 workouts before they need to be charged!





Well Essentials 18″ Foam Roller

This can feel like your best friend, or your worst enemy – but it’s an amazing tool for recovering after your workouts, and keeping your muscles ready to go the extra mile. I love using this for my lower back, which has given me a lot of problems over the years, and to ease the effects of a killer leg day.